5 Reasons Why Great Corporate Housing Goes Beyond Just Reliable Wi-Fi

It seems like all you need for a successful business trip is a comfy bed and reliable internet.

After all, you’re travelling for work, not taking a relaxing vacation with the family. You only need the basics. 

Maybe you’re also looking for a great price, trying to snag those frequent traveller rewards, and opting for a decent location. But most companies put their employees up in their reliable go-to hotel chain and call it a day. 

The Wi-Fi works reasonably well, it’s easy to book, and you can compare prices online. 

Check. Check. Check.

But why do most companies stop at just reliable? 

What if you could get more from your business trip without sacrificing reliability?

More and more companies are opting for corporate housing options like fully-furnished suites and apartments. Here are five reasons why you should look beyond just Wi-Fi, and opt for personalized furnished accommodation as you plan your next business trip. 

1. Personalized furnished accommodations can be more cost-effective.

When you compare a two-night stay in a hotel versus a two-night stay in a fully-furnished accommodation, the hotel is almost always cheaper. 

But what about more extended stays?

Personalized furnished accommodations offer WAY more cost-effective options for long term stays. Better yet, if you work with a furnished housing provider, they’re always willing to work with you on cost, especially if you’re a recurring client of theirs. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits of working with a personalized furnished housing provider, we’ve outlined some of the basics in our previous post. 

But you’re not just saving money on the nightly cost of your accommodation. You, and your company, aren’t paying for eating out every night because your suite has a full kitchen. You save on transportation costs because your provider found you the perfect, centrally located apartment. And, in most cases, for stays of 30 days or more, you are not subject to the same hefty taxes you pay for a hotel stay.

2. They offer you more freedom and privacy.

Other than the room you’re renting, every additional space in a hotel is shared. The only privacy you get is your one-room hotel room.

And what about loud neighbours in the next room, or cleaning staff vacuuming at 9 am? 

Renting a fully-furnished accommodation means that you get actual privacy. You have a bedroom, kitchen, patio or terrace, and living space with an office set up — all to yourself. That means you can be more productive AND more comfortable on your business trip. 

3. You get WAY more space.

Like we mentioned above, you get multiple rooms and spaces when you opt for a fully-furnished apartment. Suites include a full kitchen, with all the appliances and tools you need to cook for yourself, actual living space with a TV, couch, and a spacious desk set up. 

This means you don’t have to cram your laptop in between the coffee maker and hotel TV on the one desk provided. And say goodbye to your headboard in the background of your Zoom calls. 

You can look more professional and be more comfortable. 

4. You have access to the same amenities you have at home.

Travelling for business doesn’t mean you have to live out of a suitcase and develop a taste for preportioned hotel room coffee. You can make food for yourself in your full kitchen (we aren’t talking about a mini-kitchenette). Or throw in a load of laundry any time you want (meaning you can pack less on trips even if they are weeks long, and fewer bags means lower baggage fees – more savings!). 

Most personalized furnished accommodation providers also give you the ability to ask for what you need. We always encourage our guests to reach out with any special requests. 

We can almost always make them happen, and if applicable, the cost is simply added to your invoice. 

If you love the process of making coffee in your pour-over system at home, we’ll make sure you have one. Have to travel for business during the playoffs? We can make sure you have a great TV to watch the game. 

You aren’t working 100% of the time on a business trip, and it’s nice to have a “home-away-from-home” when you travel. 

5. They give you more convenience.

If you book your fully-furnished accommodation through a provider (we’d certainly recommend it), you’ll have the ability to work long-term with the same housing provider. We’ll learn what you need, the specifics of your industry, and work together on pricing that works for you. 

Beyond that, we’ll also make sure that you’re close to grocery stores, local coffee shops, or the conference centre you’ll be at each weekend. We also take special requests and can add many custom details to the suite. 

6. [Bonus] And of course, reliable Wi-Fi

And, yes, you’ll get that reliable Wi-Fi that makes video meetings and checking in with the office a breeze. 

If you’re ready to see how renting a fully-furnished apartment can improve your next business trip — we’re waiting for your call. 

Give us a call to see how we can work with your company on custom pricing, special requirements, and convenient locations. 



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