Want to Avoid Your Next Vacation With the In-Laws? We’ll Let You Know How.

Love Them (…or Tolerate Them): Here Are 5 Reasons Not to Stay With the In-Laws This Holiday

Despite everything that divides us in these turbulent times, one thing we can all agree on is how much we love extended stays with our in-laws. …Okay, joking aside, sure many of us are lucky enough to have amazing in-laws, there’s a point that too much of anything can be exhausting. 

We know you’re already thinking about it, but to make your decision even easier—here are five reasons why this holiday, you shouldn’t bunk with the in-laws, but instead relax in a comfortable short-term rental from OBASA / Six Three Suites.


1. Clear and Constant High Speed Wifi Reception

Why is it always that the bedroom your inlaws stick you in is the one that gets no internet reception? Save yourself from the struggle!

At Obasa / Six Three Suites, every one of our furnished apartments and houses comes with high speed wifi, so you can catch up on your favourite podcast even in bed!


2. Full-Sized Beds With Our Signature Bedding

And speaking of beds, don’t subject yourself to that rusty, old fold-out couch—or worse, your nephew’s twin bed! In the middle of night, while your feet dangle in the cold off its end, and you concentrate on staying completely still so you don’t roll off the edge—that’s when you can’t help but remember, “Isn’t your nephew a bed-wetter?”

Yikes! Don’t keep yourself up! Instead, slip into the plush and fluffy sheets of our signature bedding. Rest-assured, we have your feet covered, not to mention, all of our suites have either a queen-size or king-size bed, so there’s plenty of space to roll around in!

Better yet, our executive suites come equipped with their own washer and dryer! Fresh sheets have never been easier.


3. Hospital-Grade Cleaning Protocols

You know the smell—that Grandma’s Basement smell? It plunged itself deep into your nostrils the moment you walked through your inlaw’s door. Sure you’ll adjust to the smell, but you’re still breathing it in. Your lungs deserve a breath of fresh air!

Using our 100-point cleaning inspection program, we make sure your short-term rental receives long term care when it comes to cleanliness. Between every stay, every surface in our suites is completely disinfected. Then we leave it vacant for 72 hours, so that anything that could jeopardize your safety is eliminated entirely. 

We don’t mind keeping the suite vacant, because your health and safety comes before anything.


4. Pet-Friendly Suites, so Fido Can Come Too

Fido is your fur-child, and yet, the second you bring them within an inch of your in-law’s house, you don’t hear the end of how pup is affecting their allergies. Well guess what? This time, you don’t have to leave poochie behind!

Many of our fully-furnished apartments and houses are pet-friendly. Just talk to our team and we’ll set you up in the perfect abode for you and your doggo! 


5. Expert Concierge, Only a Phone Call Away

You’re sitting on the front porch of your in-law’s, watching the day go by, when suddenly it hits you (…and there’s no way around it)—you need a greasy, cheesy, mouth-watering burrito, and you need it fast!

But spicy food never sat well with your mother in-law, and your father in-law… Well, he’s eaten nothing but steak and potatoes for the last thirty years! Who can tell you where to find that loaded burrito that’s making your mouth water?

As it turns out (…and I’m sure you saw this coming), we can help! You can call us to find the best places in town to satisfy your every craving. Our concierge will let you know everything from the best entertainment in town to where the locals eat!



Okay, maybe we’ve been a little tough on your in-laws (…or maybe not), either way we can make your next visit one you can truly get some rest and relaxation. Our suites are fully furnished—from plush king-sized beds, to fully equipped kitchens and entertainment systems.


The Holidays Are Coming Fast, Book Your Executive Suite Before It Goes!

Your Christmas Vacation is waiting, so make sure to reserve your executive suite before someone else gets it first! Talk to us about what your suite needs, and our team will get to work finding you the perfect place to put your feet up.

Then you can spend only as much time at your in-law’s as you can handle, followed by a comfortable oasis you can recharge each night in.

Book your perfect holiday home away from home today!





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