5 Reasons Why Your Medical Stay in Saskatoon or Regina Should Be Booked With OBASA Six Three

Traveling for Medical Reasons in Saskatchewan? Here’s 5 Reasons to Book Your Stay With OBASA Six Three.
Traveling for medical reasons may take you a great distance from your house, but that doesn’t mean you should be far from home.

When a loved one requires medical treatment far from home, you’ll want to be there to support them at every part of their battle. But if you’re going to support them, you need to support yourself. That means making sure you have a space to unwind and get back to 110%.


Here’s 5 Reasons Why Your Next Medical Stay Should Be With OBASA Six-Three Suites:
1. You’ll get a reduced rate that’s free from cancelation fees

Supporting your loved one’s recovery takes strength. Supporting them in a new city, takes perseverance.

That’s why, anytime you book for a medical stay, whether you’re a patient or doctor, you’re entitled to a reduced rate when reserving your suite. You also won’t be subject to any cancellation fees.

You and your family have already made enough sacrifices in getting here. Giving you that added peace of mind while you heal is the least we can do.


2. You’ll keep close to the hospital.

If you’re called to be at the hospital ASAP, the last thing you’d need is getting stuck in traffic. If you’re booking a short-term rental, you need one that’s no more than a few blocks away from the hospital.

Take our Shangri-La suite in downtown Saskatoon—with stunning vistas of the sunset from its private balcony. It’s only one block away from Saskatoon City Hospital.

Or if you or your loved ones needs Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital, then consider our bright and cheerful Kristjanson Road Suite located just around the corner.

For people getting treatment in Regina, we have several executive suites within a short walk of Regina General Hospital. Just look at the kitchen in our lovely Centre Square Suite complete with stainless steel appliances and granite counter-tops.


3. You’ll feel right at home in our fully-furnished suites.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean sacrificing home cooked meals. Our suites come with spacious, fully-equipped kitchens so you can cook your family the comfort food they need.

Not to mention, our high-speed wifi and home entertainment system will help keep the kids busy and away from restless worrying. 


4. You’ll have your own quiet place to hide in and rest.

After a long day of supporting your loved one, you need a quiet place to get the R&R that brings you back to 110%. You’re here to support them, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t support yourself.

On top of that, the last thing you’d want is someone sticking their noses in your business when you just want some peace and space to relax.

Snuggle into our signature bedding—giving you and your family the full night’s sleep you deserve. Much like a hotel, you’ll get fresh linens, but unlike a hotel, you’ll also get access to your own in-suite washer and dryer.


5. You’ll get all the amenities of a hotel with all the comforts of home.

Between being at the hospital, and getting quality time to unwind, you might not have the strength to cook yourself a meal. But that’s okay, because as well as having a full kitchen, you also get access to our exceptional concierge services. The best thing about staying with OBASA Six Three Suites is you don’t just get the comforts of home, you get the resources of a hotel.

Call us to find out what the locals consider the best takeout in town. Give us a ring to find the best park for going on a long jog to clear your mind. We’re ready to help you as you help your family.

And don’t worry about missing your workout. Not only do many of our suites have on-site gyms available, but you can also get a full membership to our favorite local gym, Focus Fitness. Let us know what your executive suite needs, and we’ll get you covered.


6. (Bonus) …You can bring Fido too!

You’re traveling to be close to your family when they need you most, so why should you leave your furry friend behind? You don’t have to. We have plenty of pet-friendly apartments and houses available.

That way, your pet can be ready and waiting the second your loved one is out of the hospital. 



Traveling for a loved one’s medical stay is stressful enough. Your accommodation shouldn’t make things worse. Our spacious and private short-term rentals are close to hospitals, and will give you and your family the rest you need to heal and support each other.

Talk to our specialists about booking your stay now, and find out more about what we can do to help in your time of need.




Why Reserve With OBASA Six Three Suites?
  • Simple, stress-free process to promote healing
  • Special rates for patients, friends and family of patients, and health region employees
  • No cancellation fees
  • Single point of contact for both reservations and maintenance
  • Direct billing and all-inclusive costs, making invoicing simple and quick
  • Spacious, clean and inspected fully furnished accommodations
  • Healthy and balanced living with space to cook, do laundry, exercise, work and entertain
  • Safe, convenient and quiet neighbourhoods close to grocery stores, public transit routes and community centres
  • Complete North American vetted inventory with MyKey Global Alliance integration
  • Unsurpassed service, quality and cleanliness standards


Are You a Medical Professional Needing Temporary Housing? Let Us Help!

Whether you’re a resident, traveling nurse, doctor or any other medical professional in need of traveling for work, we offer reduced rates and more. We want to help you, so you can help others.

Give us a shout to learn what we do to provide temporary housing for traveling medical professionals and book your fully-furnished suite now.




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