Stay In A Luxurious Suite At The Hamilton In Regina

Stay In A Luxurious Suite At The Hamilton In Regina

Are you planning to come to Regina for a short visit? Well, if you are traveling for a holiday or for work purposes, then the first thing you would search for is a decent place to stay for the duration of your visit. While there are many hotels available in Regina for you to choose from, they could be quite expensive. What’s more, they might not have all the amenities that you would be looking for or could be booked for the days on which you are planning to visit.

To help you with your search, we at Obasa Six Three Suites would like to introduce you to a very prestigious property in the Downtown Regina region called The Hamilton. If you have not heard much about the remarkable suites offered by this amazing housing provider, then have a look at the exciting amenities and other facilities that you can avail of when you choose to stay here during your visit to the city of Regina.

1. Fully furnished and comfortable suites:

If you are visiting Regina for a much-needed vacation, then you have chosen the right place. However, if you are not staying at a friend or relative’s place, then your only option is to rent out a place or book a hotel room. Moreover, when you are traveling with family, then it is crucial that you select a place where you and your loved ones can live in comfortably and have a good night’s rest after spending a long day outside.

Many low-priced rental properties sometimes do not offer well-furnished apartments, which might make living difficult, especially if you have your family with you. Also, many basic hotel rooms are not very comfortable and have limited furniture. So instead of spending on these kinds of housing suppliers, why not choose a fully furnished suite in The Hamilton, where you and your family members can relax and unwind?

These suites are not only luxurious but also offer a high level of comfort. They come with enough furniture where you and your loved ones can kick back and recline in at the end of the day. All their suites are suitable for both couples as well as a family of four to five people.

2. Lots of places to visit nearby:

When you go to visit a place for a holiday, you would surely be looking for a short-term rental property that is located close to all the popular attractions and entertainment hubs. In Regina, you might find plenty of properties available for rent, however, not all of them are situated close to the major parks or recreational areas that the city of Regina is famous for. What makes the suites of The Hamilton unique is all the must-visit places in the city are located nearby.

So whenever you decide to check out the restaurants, shopping malls or theatres during your stay in Regina, then you do not have to worry about how will you travel to these locations as all of these attractions will be just a short walking distance away from the hotel. Even if you have hired a vehicle to drive around the city, then you won’t spend much on fuel costs as all the famous places will be a short drive away.

3. Excellent facilities available for the entire stay:

Another thing that is unique about the suites of The Hamilton is that both the single bedroom and double bedroom options come with a fully functional kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. So if you decide to have a delicious home-cooked meal rather than going out to eat, then you can easily prepare your food in the fully equipped kitchen provided in every furnished suite of The Hamilton.

Additionally, you will not have to depend on any laundry service to wash your clothes as each suite also has its own functional washer and dryer that is ready to use. Thus, you will not have a massive pile of laundry to do when you go back home after your holiday as you will be able to do all your laundry in the suite itself. Some of the other facilities available to you are a fitness centre, shared hot tub, cable TV, concierge service and of course, free WiFI.

4. Extremely well-maintained and sanitized suites:

If a clean and well-maintained property is high on your list of priorities for selecting a room, then the suites offered by The Hamilton and Obasa Six Three would be perfect for you. We ensure that all of our suites are spotlessly clean and well-maintained. Thus, in our accommodations, you will not find a single appliance that looks dirty or any piece of furniture that has not been kept in good condition.

Also, since the pandemic had made people hesitant about staying in rented places, we go that extra mile to ensure our rooms are hygienically cleansed. For maintaining the cleanliness of all our suites, we always use high-quality sanitizers and cleaning products so that the rooms are not only clean but safe as well. So you can have that extra peace of mind knowing that the suite in which your will be staying is properly disinfected and free from contamination of any kind.

5. Best-in-class customer service:

Some hotels fall short when it comes to attending to the needs of the guests who are staying on their property. At Obasa Six Three, we believe that if you are spending your hard-earned money on a hotel, then you should get nothing but the service from the staff working there. This is why we recommend that you stay at The Hamilton during your visit to Regina as we will personally see to it that someone will always be available to attend to all your needs.

We provided best-in-class guest services as we have a professional Client Care team, who will ensure that you have a memorable and very comfortable stay whenever you rent out a fully furnished room from The Hamilton.


Interested in knowing more about The Hamilton suites? If you are still not convinced that the rooms available at this hotel are the finest in Regina, then please visit this page – You can even take a virtual tour of both the one and two-bedroom suites to have a look at them out before you make a booking. For any further queries, you can contact the Obasa Six Three team at 877-996-2272 or send an email to


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