Gordon M. Doell is the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the OBASA Group of Companies, including OBASA Six Three Suites. As a visionary, Gordon identifies opportunities that transcend industries, propelling him from building successful residential and commercial real estate projects to leading corporate housing organizations, and establishing global, technology-based networks.

A pioneer in the corporate housing industry, Gordon developed the OBASA Group of Companies in 1986 and has led OBASA Suites through 30 years of successful business in Canada with affiliates worldwide. In 2020, he helped engineer the strategic merger with Six Three Suites to form OBASA Six Three Suites.

Complimenting his passion for creating new developments, he has the rare ability to see opportunity in a challenge and the drive to achieve award-winning results. This is how Gordon re-imagined a tractor manufacturing facility, The Rumley Building, to premium loft housing, earning the Heritage Award for sympathetic reconstruction of the 1912 landmark.

This same vision led Gordon to create an award-winning master-planned community, Silver Springs Development in North Dakota, and achieve the Consumer Choice Award for Corporate Accommodations with OBASA Suites for 6 years straight. Transcending his values into his personal life, he has also been presented with a Citation for Laudable Conduct by the Mayor of Saskatoon.

Fueled by a passion to help people, and a vision to connect furnished accommodations around the globe, Gordon has built a team of professionals to grow the OBASA Group of Companies from a local corporate housing leader to a national resource for their clients and partners.

Contact Gordon at: gordon@obasa.com or 1-844-627-8759 ext 101

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